About Comparative

Comparative is the first tool to completely automate data analysis. In a single click, you can do what would take a team of Data Analysts weeks of work.

Our mission at Comparative is to make the world data-driven by empowering every person, in every role, across all industries, to use data to make important decisions. We've raised 6mm to pursue this goal.

In its Beta, this product has totally transformed data analysis for our first client, by enabling every role (community, engineering, product, and analysis) to talk instantly and candidly about what's happening with no analysis.

We're currently a tiny team of 5, but growing quickly. Joining us at this stage will mean you'll be joining the founding team, and have a real influence on the growth of the product.

Open Positions

Founding Applied Data Scientist

Founding Software Developer - Full Stack

Founding Software Developer - Database

Founding Software Developer - Algorithm

Chief of Staff

VP of Engineering

Technical Recruiter

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Our Product

Our first product is an Analytics Tool that automatically analyses your data and produces a simple report that surfaces critical insights. The easiest way to get familiar with it is by checking out our One Pager, and our Demo. You can find both of those inline below.

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Our Founding Team